Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bring it On

I decided to join in two challenges. Nothing like a challenge to get me motivated, especially when it is one with a plan. The challenges are:
The Hundred Push up Challenge
The Two Hundred Squat Challenge

Tonight I am doing the initial test and I will do the first week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. For the second week I hope to be on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, but due to a stomach virus I was not able to do the initial test on Saturday and therefore was unable to start workouts until Tuesday.

Initial test results:

Push-ups 5

Squats 60

There is one other challenge out there, the two hundred sit-up challenge, but I decided not to do this one because when I tried to do the initial test it caused my neck and back to hurt. I tried twice and decided that I must not be performing the sit up properly so it was in my best interest not to keep trying and hurt myself. Crunches have always hurt my back, which is why I normally do them only on the ball. Maybe once I buy a new ball, my cat put a hole in mine, I will try the sit up challenge on the ball.

Between me and my kids being sick I did not write often last week, but I did want to mention that after work on Wednesday I was really tired. I debated back and forth as to whether or not I was going to go home and take a nap or go to the gym and workout. When I got home I went straight to the fridge looking for something to eat even though I was not hungry. I then shut the fridge, grabbed my gym bag and left. I did forty minutes of cardio at the gym and afterwards I felt a lot more energized then a nap would have done. I was so proud of myself.

Here is my workout plan for this week:

Monday: Run 2 miles

Tuesday: Cross training 40-45 minutes Workout 1 of Squat and Push up challenge

Wednesday: Run 1 mile race pace

Thursday: Workout 2 of Squat and Push up challenge

Friday: Run 2.5 miles

Saturday: Run 30 min. EZ Workout 3 of Squat and Push up challenge

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