Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take a Hike

Saturday I went with one of my sisters to Leadville for a nice hike at Turquoise Lake. It was a wonderful day that made me wonder why have I wasted so many years sitting around doing nothing when I love being outside. I know the fat me was afraid to be "seen" by others. Now with the responsibilities of my family I can't just go and do things like this, but when I didn't have those responsibilities why didn't I? I also thought about how at home the kitchen needed cleaned, the laundry was piled to the sky, and how was I ever going to catch up? Then I realized do any of those things matter in the end. When I die will I remember how messy my house was yesterday, or the wonderful time I had hiking, spending time with my sister, enjoying nature, and just having fun doing something I enjoy. I think the answer is pretty clear. I am not my mother, I do not need to have a spotless house to be happy, and neither does my husband or my children. We need to live each day like there is no tomorrow and have fun doing meaningful things that we enjoy and will remember for a lifetime.

Sorry I'm stepping off my soap box. How about a short picture recap

The trail

The Lake

The views

The trail again

Leadville in the distance

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