Wednesday, August 19, 2009

free day no more

What is it they say, "if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans"? Just when I thought I had it all figured out I got thrown a curve ball. On my way home from work yesterday my daycare provider called to tell me my daughter had something wrong. Turns out she has a nasty virus that comes with fever and blisters in her mouth and throat. My plan for the day was to take the day off because I have my annual check up. I was going to take the kids to daycare since I will be charged for the day any ways. I was going to get in a long run, clean the house, pull weeds, and maybe get caught up with laundry. Now the only part of my plan that I got to keep was my Dr. appointment. Instead I am home trying to comfort my poor little girl and keep her as comfortable as possible. Her fussiness comes and goes as the Motrin wears off. Last night we got very little sleep. After rushing to get her to her Dr. before they closed, I had no energy to cook. So my hubby offered to pick up pizza, which I had four slices of. I can't forget to mention that the doctor suggest ice cream for my little girl so I got some for her and myself on the way home. Then I chose to hold my little girl instead of going to the gym. Tonight, since my hubby won't be home, there is no chance of getting a run or any cardio in.

Now with the stress of a fussy little girl and not getting in a good nights rest I could have just thrown in the towel for today as well, but I have not. I made a great pizza quesadilla for lunch. Next time I make it I will take pictures and write a recipe. Its just to crazy today.

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