Monday, November 23, 2009

Weigh In Day

I could have, and wanted to, jump back into bed, wake the husband up and jump up and down on the bed in celebration. I wanted to but I resisted. I don't think at the wee hours of the morning my husband would have shared my enthusiasm. Drum roll please. My weight this morning was 162.5. True it has been a while since I weighed myself at home, in the morning, on a Monday, but it is much much better than the 169 I got last week on the same scale.

Today was a rough day at working. Heavy lifting in the cold for most of the day has left me with a very sore back. I think I am going to listen to my body and take the night off. I also need to go shopping for turkey day tonight. I am in charge of the relish dish. I can handle that and make it better than usual. Gotta run.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just do it

It is Sunday and that means it is time to review last weeks goals and list this weeks goals. Last weeks goals were:
Monday: gym after work cardio, strength at home before bed (no) Tuesday: gym after work cardio (went before bed) Wednesday: strength before bed (no) Thursday gym cardio (did it) Friday: off Saturday: run or gym weather dependant (nope). Got two days done and I logged all my food except for Friday and Saturday. I tried a friends venison stew. I was reluctant, but it was delicious. I'm getting there.

This weeks Goals

Exercise: burn 1200 calories this week

Food: log food everyday except Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Enjoy turkey day in moderation remember more does not make it taste better. You are not pregnant or nursing and can not say you need two pieces of pie one for you and one for baby.

Clean up house for 20 minutes every night before bed.

Take multivitamin daily.

I went for a run on a trail today. It felt so good. I might just see what time the local turkey trot is on thanksgiving and maybe sign up. Now that I have run outside I realize that I can still do it. It is not as hard as it feels on the treadmill. I guess the treadmill is just not for me. I will have to learn to run in the cold. It was chilly today. This last summer I was looking forward to running on this trail after the leaves had changed. Guess what, I missed it. I have been avoiding running and now I missed the beauty of this trail and the color leaves on the trees. Next year I won't miss out.

Next week I want to start listing a menu and trying to stick with it. I used to do this before and it helped so much. I want to get back to grocery shopping with a list and not just winging it.

This is my workout plan:

Monday: Gym after work cardio and strength

Tuesday: Run or gym before bed

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Run before heading to sisters for thanksgiving

Friday: Off black Friday have to be at work at 3 am

Saturday: Run and strength training

I know I can do better than last week!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yesterday I said that I did not exercise or log my food. I went back this morning and did as accurate of a guess as I could, and the results were not pretty. According to my calorie tracking site "If everyday were like today you would gain .9 pounds a week. :( Not good, but definitely a truth I needed to see. Today it reads " If everyday were like today you would loose 1.7 pounds a week." That is way more like it. I ate on track, and went to the gym and did my cardio. It was not after work like I had hoped, but all that matters is that I did it! I do think I need to revisit the C25K plan and get my running groove back so I can start the one hour runner. I have to learn to run no matter what the weather. Hello Pikes Peak Ascent. It is right there in my goals and once I get crazy ideas like that in my head, chance are I am going to do it, ready or not. I like being ready much better though.

The shirt I got from my first 5K says "Life is a Journey, Not a Guided Tour". How true is that. We all choose which path we take, and at anytime we are free to turn around and head in another direction. I have chosen a new path, and no matter how scary or hard the terrain becomes I can see the top. I may have a long way to go, but I need to take it one step at a time, look around and enjoy the journey. I need to find and keep those close to me that put out their hands and help me up the steep slopes, and leave behind the ones that try to lead me down a path that does not go in the direction I need to travel. This is the hard part.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Madness

Well good intentions aside, I neither made it to the gym nor was I able to log my food. The hubby had a bad day at work and wanted to go out to dinner. He is the type that hates to be at home when he is down. I complied for his sake. The cookie dough afterwards is all on me. If I get into that tub of school fundraiser junk one more time I will throw it in the trash. I don't care what it cost, it is costing me too much and I feel so yucky after I binge on it. Tomorrow if I don't go to the gym or go for a run after work than it is no TV until I go. Seems fair enough.

Weekly Goals

For this week:

Monday: gym after work cardio, strength at home before bed
Tuesday: gym after work cardio
Wednesday: strength before bed
Thursday gym cardio
Friday: off
Saturday: run or gym weather dependant

Log all food even if I have to approximate.
Try one new food

I did not reach all my goals for last week because I got a cold (better than the hubby's flu) and I way over did it with my strength training last Wednesday. It still hurts a little to walk today. Lesson learned will only do one set this week and see how that goes (I did two sets on Wednesday).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So Far So Good

I just posted my goals a few hours ago and I am excited to say I can check off the first goal for this week. I went to the gym did my strength training and my 30 minutes of cardio. I kept trying to talk myself out of doing the full thirty but in the end I did all 30. I ran for .75 miles as part of my cardio. This is not as far as I wanted to run, but I will take it. Only 9.25 miles to go for this month. Weighed myself as well, 166.4. That is -.9 from last week. I will take it.

Goal Time

Its time to write out some concrete goals. Without them I have nothing to hold myself to and nothing to challenge myself to do.


This Week:

1) Workout

Wed.- 30 min. Cardio, Strength training

Thurs- 30 min Cardio

Fri. - 30 min Cardio, Strength training

2)Log all food for rest of the week

This Month:

1)Workout 4 days a week minimum

2) Run 10 miles

3)Lose 3 pounds

By Christmas

Lose 8 pounds

By the end of 2010

1) Run the bolder boulder (10k)

2) Beat my time in the three races I ran this year

3)Run a half marathon

By the end of 2012

Run a marathon

By the end of 2016

I will turn 40 this year and I hope to run the Pikes Peak Ascent

Long Long Term
Live to see my kids become grandparents

I can't wait to start checking these off my list and adding more to the list

Monday, November 9, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

So I decided to go for a hike for some "ME" time. My sister was supposed to come with me, but she backed out at the last minute. So this pretty girl was my companion.

This is the mountain we climbed

This is the trail
This was the breathtaking view at the top. Worth all 7.4 miles round trip.

Unfortunately I had a malfunction with my hiking boots. The support in the ankle area was rubbing against that bone on your ankle that sticks out. Ouch I think it is bruised now. Anyway it started to hurt about 2.5 miles in and I choose to keep going. By the time I got to the halfway point I wanted to sit down and cry. The worst was the last quarter mile. I could see my truck, but it took forever to get down to it. Somethings I realized while on the hike:
1. I live in Colorado so I need to take advantage of the beauty I am surrounded by and get out into nature more often.
2. People you meet out on the trail are so happy and friendly. Not all of us were using the park for the same purpose, but we all were kind to one another and everyone appeared happy.
3. I missed the smell and look of a timber sale. Oh how I long for the days of forestry school.
4. Nothing like a bunny scaring you to get the heart rate up.
5. Always bring another pair of shoes just in case.
I had so much fun and can not wait to get out and do it again, if the weather holds up.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Back

It has been a while since I have blogged, exercised, or stayed within my calories. I guess you could say I took a vacation. Between illnesses and stress at work I have been spread too thin. These are excuses and do not make my vacation acceptable, but sometimes in life we have to do things to get by. My clothes are getting tighter, I am tired all the time and I am starting to get stress induced headaches. Last night at the gym I weighed myself for the first time in probably about six weeks (the battery died in my scale and I have been hope not weighing myself would help me focus on more than the number). 167.4! What how did this happen? I do realize that I normally weigh myself at home first thing in the morning without clothes on, and this was at night with clothes on after working out, but still. Enough said I can't change the past but I can do better today.

I had written out a weekly schedule of when and what kind of exercises I want to do during the week. Yesterday I was going to do cardio after work. Well I got off work very late and had to rush home to pickup some paperwork from the Dr.'s office and by then it was time to get my kids from daycare. I did not let this ruin my day. When I got home I still made dinner. It takes a little over 30 minutes to cook and my kids are not very willing to wait to long after we get home to eat, but they survived and I am glad I did not cave and just pick up a pizza on the way home. Then after they were bathed and put in bed my husband got home. I got my gym bag, changed and was off the the gym.

At the gym I decided it was time to run on the dreaded treadmill. I love running, but hate to do it on the treadmill. Winter seems to be coming early around here and I am determined to keep running so I am ready come summer. I ran 1.5 miles. It felt so good and I could feel days worth of stress just melt away (or was that sweat). I was so proud I did exactly as I had set out to do even if it wasn't when I had planned on doing it. Go me. I realized during my run last night that how can I expect anyone to respect or love me when I don't do the same for myself. Eating right and exercise are ways that I love myself and show that I respect myself. If my husband was abusive to me the way I am to my body I would leave him in a heartbeat.

I think I want to end every post with one thing that I am proud of. Today I am proud that it is a tough choice for my son to choose between applesauce and candy for dessert. He finally chose the candy but I took a while to decide and I am certain if I had yogurt the candy would have lost. He learned this from me and my diligence in making sure sugary snacks are only a rare occasional treat.