Sunday, August 9, 2009

sensational sunday

Had a great day today. We went to store and got some produce, cleaned house, and got most of the laundry done. I did all this and got some snacks packed up into serving sizes. Actually I put almonds into serving size baggies, and made up some apple pie oatmeal ( ingredients into baggies so all i have to do is add water and heat. I went for my 30 minute easy run today. It is almost ten and I still have like 248 calories left. I know I didn't make any of my goals from last week, but after reading an article about how setting goals can cause us to do worse when we don't make them made me decide to try just one goal for this week. My goal is just to live the healthiest week possible and to focus on taking care of myself so I am here for a long time for my son and daughter. I am very important to them and I am worth taking care of.

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