Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Monday

Things just didn't seem to fall into place today. My little girl woke up far too early, 2:30 am. Poor girl has a stuffy nose that keeps her from sleeping well. It was a good thing that I had gotten most of my lunch made the night before as she was very clingy. Then after breakfast it seems the stomach bug I had on Friday and Saturday decided it want to return for another visit. I was cautious with my morning snack, but felt a little better by lunch and was able to eat all of my lunch with the exception of my hard boiled egg. I did not want to risk it. For dinner we had a delicious chicken with peppers and pineapple that I got the idea for from here. It was raining after work so instead of going for a run I went home and did all the prep work for dinner and so housework so that I would have no excuses for not going to the gym once the hubby got home. Well when he did get home I managed to stub my toe on his steel toed work boots right on the pinkie toe. I hurt so bad I thought it would be totally black and blue today. It is not but it is still very painful. So I guess I will count yesterday as my rest day and move on. I hope my toe feels better by this afternoon so I can get in some for of exercise.

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