Saturday, August 8, 2009

busy saturday

Well my week has not been the best. I made some very bad choice the past few days. I have let stress get the best of all my hard work. I really need to find a different outlet. Ever since I quite smoking 5 years ago I have turned to food, with the exception of when I got skinny the last time. I wish I could find that motivation I had before. I know being around for a long time for my son was a big factor, so why are both my kids not enough of a motivator now? I keep asking myself this. Oh well, enough said it is time to move on.

Today has been a real good day. I woke up early and ran the two miles I was supposed to. :). Lab was not obeying again. I don't think I will take her again until my hubby works with her. I had to go to Grandma's and have lunch out with her, my younger sister, and my niece and nephew. I knew we would probably go to Country Buffet, we usually do with Grandma. I did really good I had BBQ chicken, salad, some potatoes, and some sesame chicken. I did have dessert, I deserved it. Just one small piece of plain cheesecake and a little orange sherbet. Then for dinner, by the time the kids and I got home, and the hubby got home from golf it was dinner time and I had nothing planned. We also needed to desperately go grocery shopping. I thought Village Inn would be a good choice. I had the veggie omelet with egg substitute and only two of the whole wheat pancakes. I probably went over on calories but at least I made the good choices. This is a big step in the right direction. I was going to go do my strength training tonight and tan a little at the gym, but by the time we got home from grocery shopping and got them put away, it was after ten. So I am going to sit and have a drink, yes alcohol, which I never have. It has been a rough day with the kids, and I just want to relax. Tomorrow I will wake up early again and run. Later on in the day I will go to the gym.

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