Monday, January 4, 2010

Rocking it 2010

So far I am rocking in 2010. I did a one mile run and a one mile walk on Saturday. I did these so that I could calibrate my Nike +. On Sunday I went to the gym to do some strength training and a hill workout on the treadmill. Both of these were new workouts to me. I got both of the ideas from The strength training routine had a few similar moves to one I was doing before. Over all it was a good workout and I am already feeling it today, so tomorrow could be interesting ( I always feel more sore two days post workout). The hill training did not go as well. I think I might have my paces off. Just the warm up was making my ankles extremely sore. I decided it was not worth the risk of injury and stopped the workout there. I had to go to the bathroom at my gym, sit on the bench and tell myself it was OK. I was feeling defeated and weak. A little pep talk helped to make me feel proud of what I had done.

Today, despite the cold, I went for a short run around a local park. According to my Nike + with my cool down and warm up walks I did 2.12 miles. This is good since one of the challenges I am in is to run twenty miles in twenty days. That one started today, and that was enough to get me out the door. My other challenge is to run 100 miles in 2010. The last challenge is to run over 154 miles this year. That will change me from a level yellow to a level green on I am just game for anything that gets me to put one foot in front of the other.

Food wise I have stayed in my calorie range for the last two days, and today should be as well. I think I might even make it for my water goal today. Yeah. Yesterday was rough at times. My sister called in the mid morning to tell me that our Grandma was going to the ER because they were concerned she might be having a stroke. This news sent me straight into the kitchen. Thankfully I had enough sense to stop and ask myself how I thought eating would make anything better. Oh I almost forgot my WI for today 164.5. Yeah down 1 pound.

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