Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Had a crazy weekend yet again. I had to leave work early to pick up my little girl, she had a stomach bug and had thrown up at daycare. This killed my plans for Friday. It was my ten year anniversary, and both the hubby and I were off work and we were going to do something fun together while the kids were at daycare (maybe indoor skydiving). We were at least able to go out to dinner together Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning with the stomach bug and my son was soon banished to bed with me later that afternoon. I felt better by Sunday and did a mad dash to try and get all the household chores completed. A little too much to soon. Monday I was feeling a little cruddy and had a bad side ache. I was disappointed that it was a beautiful weekend weather wise and I was unable to go for a run. To top it all off Sunday night I could not fall a sleep. Usually I can hit the pillow and be out, but not this time. With the help of a little Advil PM I am feeling much better this morning. I hope to finally get a run in this afternoon.

Food wise I did well yesterday. A little too much snacking on some of the kids cereal, but I was still within my range. I noticed that My Food Diary now shows on the calender all the days that you log and finalize your food journal in green so it is easier to look back and see how well you did at keeping a food journal. My gym has some new fitness website that will allow me supposedly to do the same things. I need to go talk to someone and get my account set up. If it is all they have said it supposed to be I will definitely give up my subscription. On Sunday I went through and logged the items that I eat every day for the whole week and then posted my dinner based on what I had planned to cook each night. I helped ease the stress of trying to log everything at the beginning and end of the day. It also helps me better plan my lunches. I almost forgot WI 164, that is down .5 pounds.

I looked at local races this morning on Active.com. There was only one close by that caught my attention. It is a 5k around Saint Patricks Day. Another bonus is it is a qualifier for the bolder boulder. This will be something that will keep me motivated to keep running. I will have to improve my time from 35:17 (fastest) to 32:28 or under to qualify for any of the qualifying waves.

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