Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Gym Wall

Went to the store and got new running shoes yesterday. Turns out I already own the top of the line as far as running shoes are concerned. I went to a specialized running store and everything. The salesman did not even look at my stride or anything. He said since I enjoyed my shoes so much, and they are the best out there, I should just stick with them. I tried on a few more kinds, and well, they were the ones that felt the best.

Lately I have been wondering what is wrong with the mirrors at my gym. I will put on my workout clothes at home, and be impressed with how far I have come. I will be comfortable with how the clothes look and fit. Then when I am strength training at the gym I stand in front of the mirror to do my workout, and the person staring back at me is not the same one I saw at my house. Where did she go? Who is this larger looking person? My mirror at home is a full length mirror, so its not a matter of not seeing the whole image.

On a different front, in the shower, after my run today, I decided to treat myself and use some of my special exfoliating soap. I thought that maybe if I rewarded myself more it would give me some of the motivation I have been lacking lately. So for February I think I am going to reward myself as follows:

1.) for every run over 1 mile $1, and an additional $.50 for every mile after the first. Since the distance for my warm up and cool down walk is added in on my sportband, they will count in the total as well. Moving is moving.

2.) for every strength workout $1

3.) for every 30 minutes of cardio on a machine $.50

4.) for every pound I lose $.25. I made this a low payout because the number on the scale is not as important as eating right, exercising, and doing what is right for my body.

I will put this money into a jar, and when there is enough I can use it for a massage or a new outfit. Now I know positive reinforcement is best, but there should always be consequences for our actions. So if I don't do these then I will have to take out this much from my jar and put it in a jar for my hubby

1.) For every day I do not log all my food $1 gets taken out. I need to see this number, no matter how bad it is. Not logging on my bad days do not make them not exist.

2.) for every day I do not drink at least 64 oz of water $.25 gets taken out. This is essential for my body to function properly. It is also one of the hardest for me.

3.) If I don't exercise at least 3 days a week $1 gets taken out. This is less than half of the days in a week.

I will start with this and adjust as needed along the way. For today I ran 2 miles, have logged all my food, and drank my water. Guess that is $1.50 in my jar and $0 in the hubby's. Better go find some jars.


  1. Just found your blog... Thanks for following mine.

    I really like the jar idea... my wife and I are both trying to get healthier and this would be a good way to add some motivation (and competition) to the mix.

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  2. Glad you like my idea. When my hubby gets done with physical therapy on his knee he says he is going to start working out too. I'll have to see if he wants to join in and add some money to my jar.