Monday, September 7, 2009

I Hate Monday

Today was one of those crazy days at work. You know the ones where it seems like if it could go wrong it did. My boss convinced me to go to Qdoba for the Monday breakfast special. But for lunch I did good and only had my salad. Then after work I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but I decided not to, way to stressful of a day I just wanted to go home and be with my family. So with stress comes lack of desire to cook. So it was a pizza kind of night. Thankfully my hubby is learning to like thin crust. I only had two pieces at dinner along with another salad. I think I only had two pieces because I was determined to chew EVERY bite thoroughly. By the time I got to the second piece I was just to lazy to go to all the work and eat another. I also felt satisfied. I did have a third piece later, but I truly was hungry, trust me it is a lot of work to chew pizza until it is nearly liquid. Well I am off to do my first workouts for both the squat and the push-up challenges.

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