Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More to the story

Last night I left out some of the important details. If I am doing this so I can look back see where I came from, what worked, how I have changed, what worked, what didn't work, ect. then I need to be a little more detailed. Last night at the gym I did the treadclimber for twenty minutes (after a five minute warm up on the treadmill of course). I pick a slower than normal walk speed (I couldn't remember what I used to pick its been that long) but my heart rate stayed in the 140s most of the time and never got over 151. I have read many places that this lower steady rate is better for burning calories, however I usually prefer higher more intense workout. I had one voice in my head saying "this is good you don't need to workout too hard and be exhausted tomorrow." Then there was Jillian Michaels in my other ear shouting "You have to step outside of your comfort zone to see any changes. Now move faster." My side hurt a little so I listened to the first voice. When I was done with that a part of me thought I should just leave, twenty minutes was a good first time back workout, no need to overdue it. The another part of me thought well I am already here why not do a little more. So I did. I did the elliptical for another ten minutes. This time I kicked it into high gear. It helped that Beyounce's Single Ladies came on my MP3. The beat was perfect. I then walk to cool down for another five minutes on the treadmill, and left burning a little over 400 calories. GO ME :)

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