Sunday, March 21, 2010

Making the right choices

My choices have changed. This last week I had a day which I had to eat out for every meal. This day was a high calorie day as far as my zig zag would go so that was good. I also still had a cheat meal coming. For breakfast I choose an egg white western omelet on wheat english muffin from subway for around 250 calories. For lunch I went to a deli style restaurant. I choose half of a baked potato covered in veggies and a half a club salad with a low fat balsamic dressing. It was very filling. Dinner was at Buffalo Wild Wings. I choose the naked chicken tenders with fries. In the past I would have just thrown in the towel and given up for the day. On this day I found that the healthy choice I made were delicious, filling, and did not leave me feeling sluggish afterwards. That night I even made it to the gym for my HIIT workout. One word of advise running intervals 2 hours after spicy garlic sauce is not easy on the stomach. After this day I feel so much more confident that I can figure out how to eat healthy and still enjoy food.


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